About Her

Hello, lovely readers! My name is Willa Eigo. I’m a 20-something college student living in Boston, MA.

I’m passionate about human rights, sex education, the arts, style, and all things healthy! I love to stay active in almost any form except for running.  I’m extremely type A, and also a Taurus.


I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. Along with my sister/best friend, Thea. While Thea and I are very different, we’re also similar–both being performers and extremely passionate about social justice!


Our parents’ names are Kathy and Tim. From an early age, they taught me and Thea to be activists for change! (I’m so lucky to have parents who are woke). They are the ones who inspire me both to fight for others and to create new content daily. In fact, Tim has his own blog if you’re into law! Go give it a follow!


My boyfriend’s name is Alex. We grew up in the same circles, but didn’t meet and fall in love until much later. He claims he’s had a crush on me since we first met, but didn’t mention anything for 3 years. Talk about patience!


I created this blog as a place to talk about my life, the work I do, love, fashion, and human rights. All thoughts and opinions are my own! Thank you for reading!

Xoxo, Willa

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